Christopher Key

Editor | Assistant / Offline / VFX

The Sweeney | Home Video


The Sweeney | Home Video

Role: Editor

A collection of featurettes created for the home video release of The Sweeney (2012), directed by Nick Love.

Behind the Scenes of The Sweeney - 26 minutes
Preparing The Sweeney - 15 minutes
Shooting in Trafalgar Square - 15 minutes
The New Regan and Carter - 4 minutes
On the Shooting Range - 5 minutes
Top Gear and the Caravan Park - 9 minutes
Animated Storyboard - The Caravan Park - 2 minutes
Animated Storyboard - Trafalgar Square - 2 minutes

Due to these featurettes only being available on the DVD/Blu-ray of The Sweeney, the above video showcases segments from each featurette.

I cut these featurettes whilst working as an in-house video editor at the UK independent film production & distribution company, Vertigo Films.