Christopher Key

Assistant Editor | Offline Editor | VFX Editor

Faintheart | Home Video


Faintheart | Home Video

Role: Camera & Additional Editor

A collection of featurettes created for the home video release of Faintheart (2008), directed by Vito Rocco.

Katie Melua Records "Toy Collection" for the Film - 4 minutes
On Set Diaries - 21 minutes
The Re-enactors - 6 minutes

Due to these featurettes only being available on the DVD/Blu-ray of Faintheart, the above video showcases segments from each featurette.

Faintheart is “the worlds first user generated film” and was created from a project titled MyMovieMashUp in 2007 by social networking site MySpace and UK independent film production & distribution company, Vertigo Films. This was the first feature film that I ever worked on, and so will always be the beginning of my story working within the film industry. The film was being shot in my home county of Worcestershire in the West Midlands of England, UK, and I was lucky enough to get a role on the project when production were recruiting for certain cast & crew roles via MySpace.
I was hired as an EPK/Making-of Cameraman, and so when not studying during my second year at university, I was on-set filming behind-the-scenes footage to be used as part of the online marketing campaign and home video release.

To view the online marketing campaign, please click here.